Tallahassee, FL Whistleblower Attorneys

Tallahassee, FL Whistleblower Attorneys

When illegal activity takes place within a company or organization, it is often only the employees who can recognize it and bring it forward to authorities. Unfortunately, many employees are not aware that certain behavior is illegal, or they fear retaliation from their employers if they come forward.

At the Law Office of Richard E. Johnson, our Tallahassee lawyers help whistleblowers speak up about illegal activity in the workplace while protecting their rights. We are sensitive to our clients' needs and recognize their hesitation to discuss their concerns openly.

We offer confidential, free initial consultations with a whistleblower attorney where you can gain an understanding of the activity you have witnessed and how we can take action under the law. We welcome you to contact us online or by telephone at 850-425-1997 to discuss your case directly with our experienced Florida whistleblower attorney, Richard E. Johnson.

The False Claims Act protects individuals who come forward about illegal activity at work from mistreatment or wrongful termination. This means it is illegal for an employer to demote, suspend, fire, discriminate against or harass an employee who has brought illegal activity to the attention of management or the authorities.

You are protected from being retaliated against for reporting illegal activity such as:

  • Fraudulent accounting practices and money management
  • Tax fraud
  • Medicare or Medicaid fraud
  • Discrimination or harassment
  • Abuse or mistreatment (i.e., nursing home abuse or medical malpractice)
  • Transportation Safety
  • Environment Pollution

Management and even fellow employees still may ostracize a whistleblower despite the laws in place to protect him or her. For this reason, whistleblowers' identities remain secret while investigations are taking place.

We work with individuals in the public sector and private sector to protect their rights when they report illegal activity. We firmly believe that individuals who speak up are doing the right thing and should be protected to the fullest extent of the law.

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