Tallahassee, FL Employment Law Attorneys

Tallahassee, FL Employment Law Attorneys

The line between legal and illegal activity at work can be blurry and sometimes needs clarification before you take true legal action. At the Law Office of Richard E. Johnson, our Leon County employment law attorneys can help you understand what you have struggled with in the workplace and how to make things right under the law.

We are dedicated advocates for employees of all races, sexes, genders, disabilities and backgrounds. We welcome individuals who are unsure of what to do to contact us to schedule a free, confidential initial consultation. You will have the opportunity to discuss the issues you are facing one-on-one with attorney Richard E. Johnson.

Dedication And Advocacy In Employment Law And Civil Rights
Our firm takes a special interest in employment law, specifically, but our decades of experience involves a long-standing reputation for a wide range of civil rights matters.

We handle employment law and civil rights issues, including:

in the workplace or in other institutions such as schools, colleges or organizations that fail to protect participants from a hostile work environment.

based on race, sex, gender, disability, age, pregnancy or participation in a political or religious group.

Family And Medical Leave Act (FMLA) rights violations

and employers who retaliate against individuals who exercise their right to time off for family and medical emergencies.

that protect workers from employer retaliation when they come forward about illegal activity such as fraud or discrimination in the workplace.

Wage, hour and overtime disputes

that arise when individuals are not paid a fair wage for the work they have performed because of the inability to take meal and rest breaks, improper job classification or the inability to declare overtime.

for individuals who have been laid off or offered a release agreement that involves final pay and benefits.

Civil rights

issues such as freedom of speech violations or organizations that attempt to threaten or arrest those who exercise their fundamental civil rights.

Rape victim protection

and the pursuit of redress for the wrongdoing of individuals and organizations that failed to protect employees, tenants, students or other vulnerable people.

Founding attorney Richard E. Johnson is a Board Certified Labor and Employment Lawyer from The Florida Bar association and has been recognized by Martindale-Hubbell as an AV-rated attorney. This rating is given to attorneys who exhibit the highest levels of legal ability and ethical standards.

Furthermore, his dedication to upholding client rights is exemplified in the many voluntary bar associations and justice activities he has participated in his long-standing career. His commitment to protecting his clients can help you achieve favorable results in negotiations with your employer.

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